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Agile Development's strategy is to reduce the cost of change throughout a project.

Extreme Programming calls for the software development team to:

  • produce the first delivery in weeks, to achieve an early win and rapid feedback;
  • invent simple solutions, so there is less to change and making those changes is easier;
  • improve design quality continually, making the next story less costly to implement; and
  • test constantly, for earlier, less expensive, defect detection.

Agile software development stresses quality in design.

Using people effectively achieves maneuverability, speed, and cost savings. People can transfer ideas faster by talking face to face than by writing and reading documents. A few designers sitting together can produce a better design than each could produce alone.

When developers talk with customers and sponsors, they can iron out difficulties, adjust priorities, and examine alternate paths forward in ways not possible when they are not working together.

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